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Work Policy

Work Policy

  • Actively looking forward to working on or creating something new and experimental; to provide new experiences for the end users and self

  • Am I willing to relocate for work? Yes, given the Company, Brand or Agency's aspirations / dreams are invigorating!

  • The place I land up in next, I would love to build a learning platform / community, either internally or externally to foster new experiences and facilitate knowledge transfers

  • Will be your +1 outside of work

  • Promise to have "A1 since Day 1" vibes



  • What's the one key strength I'd like to highlight?
    I am a problem solver. I love solutions to a question. This coupled with real world design problems is something that I am eager about.
  • Am I just a visual designer?
    No, apart from being a visual designer, my core interests lie in the intersection of campaign development, strategy and management.
  • Two truths and a lie, which is it?
    A hoarder of Stickers Life can't happen without Yoghurts Colored my hair fully Pink
  • Do I love cats?
  • Summer Vibes (a YouTube Playlist)
    100% recommended for the summer afternoons.

Quotes to live by

  • Your tunnel vision haunts you & you can't see what's wrong.

  • Leaning on to whatever that can help!

  • Emotional availability & vulnerability are a two way thing.

  • You seem like you can use a hug.

  • Never sleep on laundry day!

  • Do you trust a Bully to maintain Public Order?

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