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Past and Ongoing Exhibits

Young People for Politics

Young People for Politics
(Editorial Design)

The word politics does not point only towards electoral politics of a country, rather, everyday life and the effect it has on its people. Inadvertently, the decisions made by the ruling establishment will have an effect both directly and indirectly on everybody.

In an effort to politicise the apolitical / fence sitting, Young People for Politics educates and engages youth in democratic thought and processes.

With the digital age, holding an individual's attention has worsened than that of a goldfish and newspapers wouldn't cut it out anymore. For beginners, a strong visual narrative for opinionated well researched pieces to stand out and capture the fleeting eyes from scrolling has been a founding solution since its inception in early 2019.

For the Love of Type

For the Love of Type

Love letters to the world with a combination of:

Type, Textures, Shapes & Effects from scratch.

This piece is something that I resonate with and create for myself.

Note: the below showcase is draggable & clickable (double to open) 

Kadalaadu Kaadai

Kadalaadu Kaadai
(Documentary Photography)

Kadalaadu Kaadai (Tamil for chapters from the dancing sea) is a journey into the lives of one of Tamil Nadu's most vibrant occupational groups. With history dating back to the Sangam Era, Neidal people (fisherfolk) are custodians of rich and diverse cultures. Their chronicles are adorned with stories of valour, empathy and autonomy.

My colleague and I, travelled across 11 coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry documenting untold elements of the lives and livelihoods of Tamil fisherfolk including, social structures, traditional knowledge systems, depleting sea resources, climate crisis, women’s participation in labour and cultural practices. This process entailed listening to oral traditions and translating them into consumable audio-visual and written material. We then created a public campaign as a collective to raise awareness, address stigma and build strong positive narratives to bring about a shift in mindset. 

Press: TOI | The Hindu | DT Next

Moire Business Cards

Moire Business Cards
(Ongoing: Prototyping)

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to make moving images that can be accessed in the real world without the need for a screen of any sorts.


That coupled with the question of how do you make a production company stand out with the first interaction led us here. The following business card is a prototype design model providing the experiential sense in what the company can achieve, whilst in a conversation with potential clients.

36 Days of Type: 10
(Full Set Showcase)

36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and visual artists to express their unique interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.


A yearly open call that explores the creative boundaries of letterforms by challenging participants to design a letter or number each day for 36 consecutive days. The result is a global and simultaneous act that showcases the ability to represent the same symbols from thousands of different perspectives.


For my first year with 36 days of Type, I challenged myself to create the whole series with a single geometric shape: Equilateral Triangle

36 Days of Type
Digital Age Gym

Reimagining a Gym

With the turn of the century and technology rapidly advancing, a visual take on the language of a gym existing in a virtual space. One that is filled with visual compositions to learn from.

A personal exploration keeping with the times. Hoping to see it up and running as an identity or, a marketing promotion in the future. Until then, keeping it in the reserves.

Memorabilia Package

(2/2) Memorabilia Package
(Custom Merch)

When does a product become most memorable? When you get to touch & hold it in your hands. Compounding this with other sensory experiences like smell for example, will register the idea of it.

Celebrating the union of 2 people at an intimate ceremony with the custom package for a cigarette box is definitely a conversation starter and a memorable one at that.

Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing
(Art Trade Swap)

One of my earliest aspirations was to create moving imagery without having the need for a power source or a digital screen. Enter Lenticular Printing, apart from the optical illusions of course, serves it right up.

This piece is layered with little details and is personal to the artist for whom it was intended. The trade swap created a space for both the participating artists to explore, experiment and create something meaningful.


@kii-ink is a hand-poke tattoo artist with whom the swap took place.

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